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BUET in Crisis July 15, 2012

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, EDUCATION.

BUET teachers and students are taking oath at Shahid Minar

The teachers and students of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology) are in a all out movement to oust VC and Pro-VC. The employees and Alumni also joined the movement. Earlier 24 senioir teachers including 16 chairman of Departments, 5 deans of Faculties and 3 Directors of Institutions have resigned from their posts in protest against the irregularities of VC and Pro-VC.
Actually the movement started 2 years back and the attention of the Government was tried to be drawn to the situation but in vein.

2 months back, when the BUET teachers were in strike, they went back to take classes on the assurance from the Prime Minister. 2 months gone, but the situation worsens. The teachers failed to get the appointment of Prime Minister to discuss their sorrow. They declared to start fresh agitation if their demands are not met. The PM then gave her kind hearing to current VC Nazrul Islam and asked him to continue dialogue with the Syndicate. But the teachers don’t like to sit with the present administration.

A judicial inquiry was proposed that is also rejected by the teachers. They now want to meet with the Prime Minister or the President and their demands come to a single demand – the removal of VC and Pro-VC.

BUET is our pride. It is the best university in the country and has the best ranking among our universities.

The crisis BUET is deepening and if it is not solved in time, it will be an embarrassment for the Government also.

We hope that PM Sk Hasina or the President who is the Chancellor of the University will take proper action immediately and save the university and save the nation.

An ordinary citizen


1. Hasan - September 5, 2012

Political crimes in education by this government : 1. Viqarunnisa scandal and political tricks played by them to retain Hasina’s childhood friend principal madam in the post 2.Viqarunnisa admission business 3.Jahangirnagar university unrest 4.BUET unrest and illegal result modification of pro-awami students by pro-awami teachers… 5.Medical admission test ban so that they can recruit pro-awami students and take bribe from rich people for illegal admission business 6.Adhoc recruitment of pro-awami doctors in BCS health cadres without any competitive tests, thus depriving innocent brilliant doctors 7.Over 30% quota in BCS cadre for so-called freedom fighters(pro-awami people)… and it goes on and on …!

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