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Extension of Ministry, Refusal of offer and Reality of politics September 15, 2012

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Present Government of Sk. Hasina incorporated new 5 ministers and 2 state ministers. 2 of them , Hasanul Hoque Inu and Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir are known but other 5 are virtually unknown. Inu is from from AL coalition partner and the other 5 are from AL itself.

But 2 important leaders of the coalition , TofayeL Ahmed and Rashed Khan Menon refused to accept the offer. They have their explanations. Tofayel, a great student leader in his time and veteran leader of AL said that he is not mentally , socially and politically prepare to accept the offer. He is not blaming anyone or his party. It looks that he has an unexpressed emotion in his heart.

Rased Khan Menon, also a well-known student leader in 60’s and a leader of AL coalition partner was more expressive and said that the offer was not made in proper way and from the proper authority.

The refusal got more coverage in the media than the expansion of ministry. The refusal is of first of its kind in Bangladesh and one termed it as historical.

An ordinary citizen

NB : the cartoon is taken from Daily Star


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