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Judgement on Caretaker Government and Crisis in Politics September 18, 2012

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Ex-Supreme Court Chief Justice revealed his full judgement after 16 months of disclosing initial report on the caretaker government. The judgement expressed explicitly against caretaker government.

To come to the judgement, the Supreme Court also taken the opinion of 11 Emirates Curie, 10 of whom advised for the continuation of caretaker government. The High Court also in its judges supported the caretaker government. 4 of the 7 judges were in favour and 3 against the verdict.

The experts and lawyers are expressing their mixed reaction to the judgment. A major complain against the judgment that supreme court tried to solve a political issue in the court. The other complain is that the ex-CJ served the purpose of a political government. A citizen in TV complained that the verdict will divide the nation. An opposition leader predicted the CJ will be condemned in the coming history for the act.

The opposition is pressing for next elections under caretaker government. They straight forward rejected the judgment and announce protest against the judgement. They declared that the election will occur only under caretaker government, they will resist any attempt of election under the political government.

To general public, the general election is a very important event. The people of Bangladesh are politically very conscious people. To cast their their vote freely and fairly is very important. They know that they get only a single chance to reshape their fate after every five years.

They are supposed not to accept any attempt from any quarter that will bleak their chance of free choice.

An ordinary citizen


1. Kabedul Islam - September 18, 2012

The supreme court should not poke its nose in any sort of political affairs. Because this is not its domain. Anyhow, the former CJ and his allies have not played their role properly in delivering the full judgment regarding Caretaker Government, as they have taken a very long time in pronouncing that. Had the CJ and one of his verdict-sharers unluckily died, what would have been the fate of the16-month old short judgment, can someone imagine?

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