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Talk Show -Citizens’ Parliament October 3, 2012

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Talk show is gradually becoming popular in Bangladesh. Talk show started in Channel Eye with Tritiya Matra (Third Dimension) hosted by Jillur Rahman, a young innovative media journalist. Tritiya Matra recently observed its anniversary. The get-together was attended by leading talk show experts of the country.
Tritiya Matra for long used to arrange talk show between elected members of the parliament. The idea was good but I could seldom enjoy the quarrel of the law makers. I was not impressed with the level of intellect they exposed in their deliberations.
Gradually other talk show expanded in different channels. The subjects also extended from political quarrels to constitutional, business and academic issues.

Talk show is now second to News in popularity. Every channel is telecasting multiple talk shows on different subjects. Among the subjects political issues drawing maximum viewers. Many experts draw the attention of the people by their critical analysis, independent opinion and sharp comments. Many of them are quite regular, others come occasionally. They are from different backgrounds-university teachers, Journalists , lawyers, politicians, business leaders etc.
Political issues touch all the important events- some of the recent topics include Padma bridge, Hall Mark scam, caretaker government, Share Market crisis, Bank liquidity crisis, Grameen Bank, Dr. Yunus, forced disappearance, extra-judiciary killing etc.

One of the sad scenario of our time is that though their is an opposition but there is no participation of them in the parliament. Somehow people are getting glimpse of debate on important national issues from the talk shows.

Many expert opine that the talk shows become the alternative parliament and it becomes the citizens’ parliament.

An ordinary citizen


1. গাড়ীমেলা - অনলাইন গাড়ীর হাট - November 19, 2012

Nowadays this talk show make very funny program for bangladesh.

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