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Destruction at Ramu October 13, 2012

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Bangladesh awake with the news on the morning of 30th September 2012 that organised mobs attacked the Buddhists establishments including their temples, pagodas, shops and houses mainly at Ramu, a small town near Cox’sbazar. The mob ransacked and burnt 12 temples and monasteries including 3 pagodas, 50 shops and many houses. Many valuables and historical documents were destroyed in fire.
The incident has taken place as a reaction to an uploaded picture disrespectful to the Quran in the facebook by some Uttam Kumar Barua.
On the day of event, on 29 September 2012 people gathered at Ramu from 8 pm protesting the said dishonoring of the Quran. Initially the number was in hundreds and people from all walks of life were there from all walks of life including the AL activists. Then thousands of people came from different areas most of whom were unknown to the locals. It is found that police and Administration were informed but they didn’t appear in sizable number in the scene. The mob started to attack, ransack and burn the Buddhist temples and other targets. The mob used gun powder, small concretes which seems to be already collected prior to the attack. All these indicates to the planning and organization of the attack.

The new Home Minister Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir visited the site immediately after. He expressed his sympathy to the victims, declared to punish the culprits and pointed his finger to the local MP of BNP for the massacre. More than 100 people were arrested in this relation. A government inquiry committee is also formed.
BNP rejected the government’s assertion and declared to have their own inquiry on the matter.
Chairman of the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission Dr. Mizanur Rahman visited the site and seek apology for the atrocities committed to the Buddhist community.
Prime Minister Sk. Hasina jn her meeting at Cox’s bazar blamed BNP and Jammat for the crime. But many of the members of the affected community didn’t attend the PM’s meeting as they said many of attackers on the temples were present in the meeting.
A delegation from Citizens group went to the site and opined that communal sentiment overcame the political identity in the incident.

The tension of the Buddhist community is not yet over.
The people are wailing for a full inquiry, an acceptable explanation of the lapses, exemplary punishment to the offenders and proper security to the community.

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