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TIB and Profile of MPs October 24, 2012

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Transparency International Bangladesh recently published a report on the performance of MPs in Bangladesh. It was observed that 149 of sitting MPs representing 97% were engaged in negative activities. and 70% of them were involved in criminal activities and among them, 53.5% MPs are directly engaged. Of the 149 MPs , 141 are male and 8 female , 136 from Treasury Bench members, 27 are ministers and state ministers and 13 opposition law makers.

The negative activities include influencing administrative works, interfering developmental activities, misusing developmental funds, being involved in or support the criminal activities, influence the purchase procedures, break the electoral law, grave plots etc.

The report added that people are little satisfied with their role in fulfilling electoral pledges, representing the locality in the parliament, participation in the developmental works and communicating with the people.

The report pointed that the causes for involving in negative activities are using the MP post for earning, structural limitation such as obligation to the party, extra-administrative responsibility, not oblige to disclose information, absence of punishment specially of the government law makers, lack of exercise of democratic values.

The report also recommends increasing participation of the lawmakers in the parliament by freeing them from administrative and developmental works, abolishingg the provision for boycotting the parliament, cutting the leave of MPs from 90 days to 30 days, not to remain absent for 7 days at a stress, giving the opposition their due share, electing deputy speaker from opposition, resigning of speaker from the party and making provision for electing him uncontested in the next parliament, abolishing clause 70 of the constitution and making the MPs free to vote on different issues in the parliament.

and to discourage the negative activities the report suggests framing rule of conduct for the MPs, taking actions against negative activities, publishing statement of income and expenditure, wealth, loan , income tax, criminal cases, development allotment etc, to aware the public about the duties and responsibilities of the law makers by the media and election commission etc.

After the disclosure of the report the citizen groups and common people found the report reflected their views but the government reacted sharply to the report. They view the report as incorrect and as a conspiracy to encourage non-political transition of the government.

The officials of TIB rejected the objection and argued the report is based on actual perception of people.

An ordinary citizen

Reference Link: Report of TIB on MPs


1. গাড়ীমেলা - অনলাইন গাড়ীর হাট - November 19, 2012

Thanks Transparency International Bangladesh for your brave initiative.

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