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Talk Show, Ministers & Code of Conduct October 27, 2012

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, POLITICS.
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I missed that talk show. But the next day it became not only talk of the town but also talk of the country. The show was on RTV on before the midnight on 22/10/2012 and was conducted by Rubayet Hussain. The guests were among others Shahjahan Khan, Minister for Shipping and Barrister Rafiqul Islam, an Ex-Minister from BNP. But the talk show rather than an intellectual debate turned into a quarrel. But even then it crossed the gentleman’s limit and one of the speakers lost his temper and used abusive words that one never heard in talks before. The talk show host compelled to stop the show which was telecasting live.

The incident creates a nauseating condition among the viewers. There was something wrong in the process. The talk show may be a wrong exercise as the Prime Minister herself blamed the show as a means to cut throat of the government.

One thing is clear that talk show is not for all. Specially it is not a good platform for the politicians. Talk shows are designed for more tolerant and logical approach. The parliament would better suit the politicians. People also like to see them in the parliament but that is conspicuously absent for long time.

It is also difficult for the talk show moderator to regulate events in hard hands. He has no power like that of speaker. He can only be careful not to call the offender for the second and to be careful for his next guests.

The channels should also develop code of conduct for the guests so that this art of intellectual exercise can continue unabated.

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1. My Complaint - October 29, 2012

Talk show- This is a very funny program. When I can’t sleep I can pass my time. Ha. Ha.. Ha………..

2. Two Steps From Home - November 8, 2012

Hi My Complaint,
Same to you. If I not sleep at night then I see the talk show. Nice program for time pass.

3. গাড়ীমেলা - অনলাইন গাড়ীর হাট - November 19, 2012

Really Talk Show is the funny program in bangladesh.

4. Trees Planet - July 5, 2013

Talk Show is a great medicine as a sleeping pill. If you feel you can’t sleep then watch out Talk Show. Then can easily sleep.

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