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Obama Wins ! November 9, 2012

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Barak Obama wins for the second time to be the President of USA. Mitt Romney was his rival from the Republican. Before the election,it was quite uncertain who is becoming the president of USA. It was neck to neck tie in the pre-election polls. The last poll in the CNN labelled as Poll of polls was tie at 49% vs 49% just before the voting started.
People started to vote from 7 am and voting was open upto 7 pm. There was provision for advanced voting. A good percentage of voters caste their vote in advance. Barak Obama also voted on 26th October. Romney preferred to vote on the day of election.

Though the presidential election was more focused, but the voters also had to vote for congress and senate.
The trail of destruction of the super storm Sandy couldn’t change the schedule of election though many people who were affected by the storm would find it difficult to cast their vote.

I like the scene Biden voting standing in line and a commentator in CNN was saying that such a scene one can only see in USA.
When I left home for work in the morning, Romney was ahead then Obama in electoral votes. But when I was back home, the result settled with Obama winning at the presidency with votes from Florida still counting.
Obama was in Chicago, his root of political ascent. He congratulates his family, friends and people in a victory gathering in Chicago. Romney conceded his defeat in a public speech.
The drama of election is over and whole world observed it with keen interest.

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1. গাড়ীমেলা - গাড়ীর হাট বাজার - November 19, 2012

Congratulations!!! Barak Obama wins for the second time to be the President of USA.

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