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A Murder, Lies and Media December 16, 2012

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Media, POLITICS.

Bishwajit 1A youth of 24 years, Bishwajit, was murdered on the street of old Dhaka on 9th December 2012 by the gang of so called political activists on the day of ‘Aborodh’ or street blockade called by the opposition. He was just an innocent guy like thousand of others who was passing through the street at that time to attend his small business shop. But at that time, a procession of opposition lawyers was paraded the street and then a group of pro-government students armed with lethal weapons started to chase them, 2 cocktails burst near the procession. The activists ran towards the direction and chased Bishwajit to a dental clinic in the second floor of a nearby building. He was beaten by sticks and cut mercilessly by ‘chapati’ or butcher’s knife and when he came out of room and in the street with blood all over his body, he was chased by others with sticks and rods. He fell on the ground and was taken to the hospital by a rickshaw puller where he embraced the death.

The dead body was taken to the village home and was cremated the same night. The parents dare not to file any case against the miscreants

The TV channels showed the scene vividly on their screens and people thundered seeing the barbarity on the streets in broad day light in front law enforcing forces. There were lots of people near the scene but were helpless.The print media published the news in the front pages. People from all walks of life condemn the incident.

Bishwajit 2The Home Minister MKA said that the culprits do not belong to the student wing of the ruling party, either they are ousted from the party or only ex-worker of the organization. Police Administration in defense of their inaction said police were busy taking care of the injured lawyers. Home Minister declared that every culprit will be arrested and proper action will be taken.But police and HM was differing on the number of arrests. In the backdrop of mental anguish, the Prime Minister office declared that the culprits are in no way connected with student league, the student wing of AL, the party of the government.The communique also asserted that it is found that the murders are relatives of BNP Jamaat men. The assertion was criticized from different quarters and media and citizen groups demanded that it is essential to arrest the murderers whatever political linkage they have. The Home Minister also is accused of encouraging the murder by ordering the party student activists to actively prevent the opposition.

People are waiting to see what actions are taken by the government. The incident reflects the political unrest, conflict among parties, poor law and order situation in the country. The incident also exposes the human rights situation, partisan role of police and lies among politicians.

It is the media that play a professional role in the current event and exposes the situation in its true perspective.

We hope that everybody will learn the lessons from their mistakes and do justice to the people and to the country.

An ordinary citizen


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