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International War Crime Tribunal Verdict Frustrates All February 8, 2013

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International War Crime Tribunal pronounced its verdict of life sentence on Kader Mollah on 5th January 2013. It is the second case that the Tribunal gave the verdict.
Kader Mollah 3
In its first case on Bacchu Razakar it rendered capital punishment. Bacchu Razakar was absconded and probably left the country before he was arrested. But there was none to defend Bacchu Razakar and no political party reacted to the verdict. But in Kader Mollah’s case, Jamaat-e-Islami and Shibbir took a strong position to protest. They were staging violent protests on the streets and against the police. Even on the day of verdict, they declared dawn to dusk hartal. They threatened endless hartals if verdict goes against their will.
The verdict was declared at 12 noon on the day amid tight security at the tribunal and protest in the street. After the verdict, people from different stages expressed their frustration.
The Jamaat Shibir also rejected the verdict and increased their agitation on the streets. They clashed with police at different places of the country and resulted in death of atleast 5 people.
kader mollah 4
The presence of Bloggers at Shahbag is gathering momentum. Thousands of people of all ages are coming to the square to transform it into a sea of crowd. They are gathering to protest against the verdict. Their demand is the capital punishment for the offenders of war crimes.

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