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Shahbag Square turns into a sea of crowds February 12, 2013

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shahbag-2A small initiative of the bloggers on behalf of Online activists turns the Shahbag square into the sea of crowds.
The bloggers were spreading their intent and ideas on the web for long but they felt frustrated on the judgment of International War Crime Tribunal on Kader Mollah, who was accused on multiple accounts.
The bloggers sat together and decided to organize a protest rally at Shahbag on the same day of judgment, 5th February, 2013.They threw an event on the facebook. Fellow bloggers and friends were invited to the event. I was also invited as a fellow blogger to the event. But as I am away from the capital, I missed the gathering at the capital only to attend a gathering at my own town.
Bloggers started to attend at Shahbag at 3 pm. Gradually the number has started to swell up. The organizers declared to stay in the square over night.
People in cities and different parts of the country also organize similar programs.
Distinguished non-political personalities came to the spot and expressed their affiliation to the movement.

An ordinary citizen


1. john - February 16, 2013

Now “Daily Manab Zamin” turns into “Zamayat Shibir” Media partner,they are publishing the comments supporting BNP
Zamat alliances

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