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Shahbag Square-losing its apolitical character February 26, 2013

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Shahbag movement of youth had started with the promise of a non-political platform to protest the judgment given to an accused in the war crime tribunal. In early days, no political figures were given the premise to express their opinion. Important political figures were refused and harassed on the spot.

Prime Minister express her support to the demand of young generation at Shahbag. The members of parliament expressed their unity with the Shahbag Square.
Leaders of the ruling party went to the square and accepted cordially by the young organizers. Then 76 MPs came to the square and stood with the demands of the youth.

Officials from the Bangladesh Secretariat of different Ministries also came down one day to the streets to show unity to the movement,

Many observes may take the evidence as the losing of non-political character of the youth movement.

An ordinary citizen


1. Sikta Halder - April 13, 2013

shahabag chattar is my view that draw all my respect and fulfill all my expectations.

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