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Bangladesh at a Crossroads March 21, 2013

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bangladesh-6BNP, the largest opposition took a hard stand against the government and stood by Jamaat to call hartal on the streets. Jamaat-e-Islami is fighting for the cancellation of the war crime tribunal and release of their leaders. BNP is trying to press the government to agree for a caretaker government for holding a neutral general election which is due to be held by the end of this year. But the government is also non-compromising in its stand. They are hard on the the war crime trial and also determined to declare verdicts on half a dozen cases before election. Government is also not in mood to accept CTG as an interim way to hold the general election for transition of power.

The country is in a state of deadlock. Both the government and the opposition are trying to use the maximum force to keep their control on the future course of Bangladesh. Vehicles are burnt, properties are lost, people are killed almost on daily basis. So far more than 100 people including policemen.

People are frustrated in a the way the events are going on but waiting for a way out. Businessmen are trying to initiate a dialogue but couldn’t make a breakthrough yet. By this time , the youth movement at Shahbag lost its momentum. But a group of intellectuals including Dr. Anisuzzaman and Sultana Kamal took stand by the government.bangladesh-3
Some religious groups are shouting their opposition to the Shahbag activists and termed them as atheists specially the bloggers who initiated the movement. Counter religious groups also developed to oppose this idea.

Government also urged its supporters to form committees in communities and the opposition also urged their supporters to form counter committees. Many see this as a sign of further conflict at the community level.

Both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister are blaming opposition for the deaths in the recent violences. The opposition is in its turn blaming the Home Minister for all the unlawful killings.

BNP rallies were disrupted and many injured by police firing , party activists and leaders were arrested. In a recent raid by police into the central office of BNP, 154 party leaders were arrested who are not yet get bail and most of them put into police remand.

Opposition leader Khaleda Zia said that Prime Minister will be tried for recent killing of opposition activists and Prime Minister said that opposition leader will be tried for her financial irregularities.

Bangladesh is at a crossroad and way out is not visible yet.

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