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Timing of Trial of War Crimes will be Tested by History April 1, 2013

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I was listening to a talk-show where Kazi Jafar Ahmed was a guest. He was engaged in left politics from his student life and had been a veteran leader of the left during most of his political career and joined Ershad’s Jatiya Party at the end stage of his career and became Prime Minister during his regime.

But I was astonished by one of his speculations on war crime tribunal. He himself was a freedom fighter.

In his discussion he recollects his conversation with Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman in 70s. Bangabandhu formed the International War Crime Tribunal in 1973. But he declared amnesty to most of the criminals except those who were accused of rape, arson and killing. Bangabandhu was keen to avoid conflict in the families, in the society and in the country.

Jamaat-e-Islami revived itself after 1975 when President Ziaur Rahman allowed religion-based parties to do politics in the count
ry. AL participated with JI in the election under Ershad regime in 1986 and participated in the same movement with JI and BNP to oust Ershad from power late 80’s.

AL again with JI launched movement against BNP from 93 to 96 for introduction of caretaker government. JI extended support to AL in forming government in 1996.

JI in coalition with BNP formed government in 2001 and two of their leaders held ministerial posts.

Only in 2008, AL changed its stand and included revival of war crime trial in their election manifesto. In January 5, 2013, the first verdict was declared on Abdul Kader Mollah. The 2nd second verdict, a death sentence on Delwar Hussain Saydee was declared then. Saydee was not a Jammat man in 1971. He joined JI in 1989.

Kazi Zafar was speculating that the decision of Sk. Hasina for the trial of war crimes after 42 years of independence will be tested by history whether it was right for the time for her and for the country.

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