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No rule of confrontation April 5, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Bangladesh is passing through a stage of confrontation between political party and government and among political parties.  

The confrontation is reached to a height that very recently that Shibir activists had crushed the head of a police SI on the open street of Rajshahi. A day after we have seen the same barbarism on a plain clothed police in Dinajpur.  In the last two months, 7 uniformed police have been killed by the Shibir activists.

On the other hand , police has also carried out brutality in the same fashion on the opposition. So far it is claimed that more than 100 people have been killed by the police where in many instances the killings were unnecessary.

In this chaotic scene, a new organization ‘Hefazat-e-Islam’ emerges in the field who declared a long march on 6th April 2013 towards capital in protest against the disrespect shown to Allah and his Prophet by some of the bloggers and their patrons.  To foil the long march, some 27 left leaning organizations  including Shahbag Youth movement declared hartal and barricade of roads and rails for 24 hours from 6 pm on 5th to 6m of 6th April, 2013. Government announced that they will not prevent the long march if it is not rowdy and destructive. But the transport authorities have been instructed not to ply on the roads long before from the hartal hour, some blame by the government. A veteran AL leader has said that government is playing a dual role which will not be good for the government.

There is no rule of confrontation and no one sure  about the outcome.

An ordinary citizen


1. thesecondlastnebula - April 5, 2013

The history of blood and tear continues and the extremists reign. Most of the Bangladeshis love to do parties, practice Religion in a moderate way. If the war-criminals go unpunished, the sacrifice of the martyrs will be insulted.

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