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13 Points Demands of Hefazat-e-Islam April 6, 2013

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Hefazat-e-Islam is a new reality in the changing political context in Bangladesh. They first formed the platform  in 2010 with Allama Shafi at its head, based at  Hathazari in Chittagong. They then insisted on inclusion of Islam as the religion of state in the constitution of Bangladesh that was accepted by the Government.

Their presence again surfaced in March 2013 when they started protest against the bloggers  for propagating atheism  in their writings. They projected 13 points demands in a press conference as follows:

1. to reinstate  ‘full confidence and faith on Allah’  in the constitution and to cancel all the laws against the Quran and Sunnah.

2. to stop all the anti-islamic propaganda of the self declared atheist and murtad leaders of so-called Shahbag movement and bloggers who propagate lies against the prophet (sm)  and to punish them.

3. to stop all the repressive measures on the Islamic scholars, priests, madrasha students and Muslim believers.

4.  to release all the arrested spiritual leaders,  theological students and Muslim believers , to withdraw all the false cases,  to compensate all the injured and dead and to punish all the culprits

5. to  stop all the hindrance in performing salat in all the mosques including Baitul Mokarram and to stop all the attacks on religious speeches and religious activities

6. to declare Kadiani’s as non-muslim and to stop all the their propaganda

7. to pass law in the parliament  of  death  sentence for those who disrespect Allah  and his Prophet (sm)

8. to stop  all the non-religious activities including  unsocial acts, illegal sexual relation, open mixing of male and female and candle lightening

9. to stop the conversion of Dhaka into a state of statutes and to stop installing statues in the crossroads and in the college and universities

10. to make  religious education compulsory in the secondary and higher secondary curriculum and to cancel  anti-Islamic women’s law, non-religious education law.

11. to stop all conspiracy including different form of threats  against the  students and teachers,  religious leaders  and imams and khatibs of Kaomi madrasha

12. to stop all the propaganda  attempting  to create hatred in the young minds against Islam by portraying villain and negative character of muslims  in the media including radio and television.

13. to stop all the  activities of anti-Islamic NGOs  and Christian missionaries in Hill Tracts and throughout the country.

An ordinary citizen


1. blogger - April 8, 2013

Bull Shit!!!

2. KF - May 6, 2013

In other words be an “extreme” Islamic or be arrested, beaten or killed. Sounds horrible.

3. Mubeen - May 7, 2013

To the earlier commenter:

Why bull shit?

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