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Bloggers, Atheism and Shahbag Movement April 10, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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blogger-3One of the current controversies in the socio-political arena of Bangladesh is the connection of  atheist bloggers with the Shahbag Movement of the youth.

It is true that Shahbag Gonojagaran Mancha was initiated by some bloggers and online activists. The upsurge was against the verdict of  life sentence pronounced on Abdul Kader Mollah that fell short of their expectation. Hundreds and thousands of young people participated in the protest and the gathering demanded capital punishment for all the war crime offenders and they declared that they will not leave the place until all the war-time criminals are hanged.

After a few days. Razib Haider, a blogger and an activist was killed near his home in the dark by unknown assailants. Shahbag reacted angrily and declared to continue its sit-in program at Shahbag day and night until their demands are fulfilled. A massive namaj-ejananza was also held at Shahbag for Razib.

But a daily newspaper disclosed that Razib was an atheist and he was  active in blogging in different names and  wrote against Islam and its Prophet (sm) in obscene languages. Later more stories came up that claimed that many  blogs and bloggers are engaged in similar activities

bloggers-1Pro-bloggers that include Shahbag claimed that the contents in the Razib blog were hacked and distorted to malign the Shahbag movement.

But the stories touched the sentiments of religious groups. One of them is Hefajat-e-Islam, a religious organization based in a religious school 40 km south of Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh. Hefazat-e-Islam claimed itself as a non-political organization that committed to protect the respect to Allah and his messenger.

H I threatened to march towards Dhaka in protest and demanded to enact anti-blasphemy law and to stop Shahbag movement and to punish the atheist bloggers.

Government being pressed arrested 4 bloggers and put them in remand but H I was not fully satisfied and remain strict on their program.
Imran H Sarkar, co-ordinator of Shahbag movement  protested the arrest of bloggers and demanded their release and said that there is no proof that the writings contain any blasphemous content against Islam or any religion. He also declared programs of hartal and barricade to foil the  long march of Hefajat-e-Islam.

A netizen is aware of the situation.

An ordinary citizen



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