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Radicalization of Politics April 12, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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radical politics-2The political scene in Bangladesh is being rapidly radicalized.

BNP, the main opposition party is out of street and virtually out of party office. Recent attempt of BNP to hold mass procession in the street was disrupted by cocktails, bullets and injuries followed by filing of criminal cases and arrests. The party meeting in front of BNP office was also disrupted by cocktails, firing and then followed by arrests of BNP leaders in massive numbers and case filed on criminal charges against them.
BNP called for hartals in protest and hartals are taking radical form.

Jamaat-Shibir was observing their programs in violent ways. They were attacking police, calling frequent hartals, burning vehicles, disrupting rail lines and even killing law enforcers. Police, RAB and even Border Guards are being employed to contain their violence. Goverment party workers are also participating with police to fight the shibir activists.

Jamaat Shibir had been ousted from the street by the police , their offices had been locked and most of their leaders had been arrested. But young workers of the party are continuing their fighting. The tactics of the young activists have been changed to hit and run, a little short of guerrilla fighting. Dozens of them were killed by police firing, hundreds injured by bullets and batton charges,thousands displaced from their home and institution and many injured.
radical politcs-4A new dimension is this conflict is the emergence of a new religious force- Hefajat-e-Islam. It emerges in protest against the attempt of some bloggers to malign Islam. Government has tried to communicate with Hefazat-e-Islam to keep them away from long march. But Hefajat observed the long march on 6th March against the obstruction created by its opposition forces. They called hartal in protest for obstruction they faced during the long march. But on the day of hartal, a few confrontations took place between different government wings and Hefajat-e-Islam. Recently Foreign Minister Dipu Moni in a briefing to the foreign ambassadors termed the Hezafat-e-Islam as a terrorist organization. We fear that government might be hard on Hefazat and radical politics would further spread.

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