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A Story is written and then deleted April 16, 2013

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Hasnat abdul hai-1A story written by Hasnat Abdul Hai in Prothom Alo, the leading Bangla daily in its Bangla New year supplement of 1420. Hasnat Abdul Hai is a prominent story writer and novelist. He was awarded with prominent national awards like Ekushey and Banglademy Awards.

But his story stirred the readers, media and social networks. Reactions compelled the editor of the daily to apologize  and to disown the article and to withdraw it from internet version.

But the story has been already circulated throughout the country and in the internet. The story is copied and recopied in facebooks, blogs and e-papers. Now it is a common subject of discussion among the people. Dhaka University students also burnt the copies of Prothom Alo. Hasnat abdul hai-2

The story depicts a struggle of a girl who came from a distant village to the capital, engaged in left politics, actively participated in the recent upsurge, acclaimed as a slogan girl, then fell out of the way as she couldn’t fulfill the demands of the organizer. 

The story is taken as more than a story and taken as a depiction of the inner pictures of the movement.

The story hurt the Shahbag organizers and it hits at the integrity of the movement.

An ordinary citizen

Link of the story :



1. bangla71.com - April 24, 2013

Nice story thanks

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