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Savar Garments Tragedy: Whom to Blame ? April 27, 2013

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Savar Garments-1A 9 storied building was collapsed on 24th April at 9 am in the morning at Savar that had 5 garments factory, markets, shops and a bank . A  day back a major crack was identified in a pillar of the building.  On that day, the garments workers 6000 in number were allowed to leave for that day, the shops were closed and the bank declared closed and vacated. The next day in the early morning the factory workers were forced to join the work on the plea by the building owner and garments managers that the crack was not fatal and there was no danger despite the fact that local experts and BGMEA  asked them to keep the factories closed till the clearance from RAJUK  and BUET are not available.

The building collapsed into a rubble with a big bang within minutes. Most of the workers couldn’t escape to safety. More than 300 are dead, hundreds are injured and many are entrapped. The rescue work is still continuing. Army, Police , Fire brigades and common people equally participated in the rescue work. The hospitals, clinics, ambulance services, doctors, medical students, nurses, volunteers from different organizations were actively involved.Savar-dead 7

The opposition withdrew the 2nd day hartal, a National Mourning Day was declared, PM, though late,  declared to arrest the building owner and factory owners. But most funny comment came from the Home Minister M K Alamgir  who said to BBC that the building collapsed as the opposition activists had shaken the pillars of the building. Now it is found that the building was built on a pond, forcibly acquired from a minority, 8 storied building was built  instead of 2. The permission of the building was given by the Upazilla parishad, that had little expertise on the subject, RAJUK  is trying to disown its responsibility, there was no one to check that the building was built on faulty technique and unlawfully extended vertically and BGMEA extended its permission  to the factories. Savar-people 6

Neither the government nor the BGMEA yet declared adequate support and compensation for the dead or injured.

And the government also can’t avoid its responsibility. 

An ordinary citizen 


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