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New Speaker and Making of History May 3, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Speaker-1Shirin Sarmin has been  proposed by the the ruling party and  accepted as the speaker in the Parliament after the past speaker Advocate Abdul Hamid became President of the Republic.

There was speculation about who was becoming the speaker. There was a probability that the present deputy speaker Showkat Ali would become the speaker, who was an elected member of the parliament for a few times.  Then the name of Shirin Sharmin was heard. Shirin was holding the charge of the Deputy Minister of Women and Child Welfare Ministry. She was ultimately chosen as the speaker.

She was a non-elected MP  from the government category.  She has little experience as a parliamentarian. She for the first time attended the parliament. She never compete for  or elected to parliament. 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that she is making history by selecting a woman speaker for the parliament. Though it is the first time Bangladesh has got a woman speaker but it is not first time for the sub-continent. Fahmida  Mirza  was the first woman speaker of Parliament in 2008 and India had  MinaKumari as the first woman speaker in India in 2009. Both of them were elected members of the parliament. 

If it is a history for  a woman in Bangladesh to be the speaker of the parliament, it is also becoming part of the history of becoming a non-elected member to be the speaker of the parliament.

But it is more important for the new speaker than to make history is to draw the respect of the fellow parliamentarians most of whom are seniorto her as parliamentarian and to create confidence in the opposition mind to bring them to the parliament that they are avoiding for long.

People will judge her as a speaker from her deeds in future.

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