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May 5 and Hefajat-e-Islam May 8, 2013

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Hefajat-5 May-1Hefajat-e-Islam as they declared about a month ago in their first congregation at Motijheel, Dhaka that they would seize Dhaka on 5th May. As a preparation of their target, they held Sirat Conferences in dozens of cities and towns of the country and also at the 5 entry points of the capital. Shahbag Projanmma, Ahle-Sunnat-a pro-govrenment religious group, AL and its student and youth wings declared to prevent the gathering. PM Sk. Hasina appealed the Hefajat leaders to drop their program, but they declined.
On the day, thousands of Hefajat workers gathered from all over the country gathered at the 6 entry points of the capital from very early morning.The capital virtually cut off from outside. Rows of transports stranded on the roads on both sides of the points. There was no vehicular communication to and from Dhaka.

Though there was no agenda of a central gathering in the capital, at one stage Hefajat claimed to hold one at Baitul Mokarram or Manik Mia Avenue. Government was compelled to permit and allowed to hold their congregation at Motijeel Square from 3 to 6 pm. Hundreds of thousands were gathered at the square. Leaders of different levels of Hefajat spoke on the occasion and tried to project their ideas.

But a disturbing development was the confrontation between Hefajat activists and law enforcing agencies and pro-Government activists on the streets of Dhaka. It started just at noon and continued deep to midnight and marked by deaths, destruction and burning of the books and holy Quran, shops, markets and offices.

Allama Ahmed Shafi, Chief of Hefajat couldn’t come or might be prevented from coming to the congregation to conclude the meeting. The congregation declared that they will not leave the spot until their highest leader come. So they stayed on the road, passing time listening and reciting.

Deep into the night, we heard of marching the law enforcers-Police, RAB and BGB-towards the Shahbag Square in large numbers and through different routes. Streets lights were made off and different TV channels were taken off from the streets.Hefajat 5 may 3In the morning, we saw the square completely deserted by the Hefajat workers and belongings of the activists were scattered all over the streets.

It is reported that the law enforcers used force to disperse the gathering and dozens of death occurred.

Controversy developed on the degree of use of force and number of deaths. It is said that the law enforcers used disproportionate force and the number of deaths was about 2500. Hefajat claimed the deaths at 3000 and many more thousands injured.

Government closed down in late night 2 opposition TV channels, one of them was telecasting live the raid.

People are not sure whether it is the end of the game or the country falls into a fresh cycle of violence and uncertainty.

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