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Bangladesh and Amnesty International Report 2013 May 24, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

The report of Amnesty International on human rights condition in Bangladesh is published that creates debate in Bangladesh.

The Report

An ordinary citizen


1. M.Sallimullah ( Private sector Professional)Chittagong, BD - May 14, 2014

Ref: Amnesty: Torture is alive and flourishing – published in the daily Dhaka Tribune today, did not include Bangladesh that passing through the most uncivilized days of human history. Besides, your report for Bangladesh – 2013 did not reflect the true picture of HR violations in this part of the world. We have enough reasons to believe that you could not cover up the most terrible part of HR violations by the ruling activists in collaboration with a section of law enforcing agency members, originally belong to ruling cadre. Besides self styled Most irrespo9nsible Persons (MPs) remaining beyond and above law are the root of all crimes, misdeeds & corruptions taking shelter under the roof of Parliament Hostel that do not care national or international norms.

Ordinary citizens & tax payers abiding all norms are afraid of telling the truth. Any time, ruling activists or law enforcing agency members of both at a time can make life hell. Those who are are committed not to support any one blindly, can not speak nor can go to any where for social justice. Judiciary appears to be helpless and entire state agencies are, as if the most obedient domestic servants of the ruling party. Under such situation, democracy & rule of law or civilization do not make sense. Is there nobody on earth to save HR in Bangladesh ? Whatever may be the success, credibility or capacity building in the country, corruption and state terrorism under the ruling party remaining the prime truth. Tkanks & regards.

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