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Grameen Bank to Split June 24, 2013

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Grameen Bank -to split-2Theconflict between Government and Dr. Yunus on Grameen Bank is probably at its last round. Government has decided to disintegrate the bank into 19 components that may distort its basic character and its nature of control.
Dr. Mohammad Yunus, Founder of Grameen Bank instantly criticized the move and said that Government has immense power but it was in no way logical to split it. In a congregation at Chittagong he declared that nation will not allow anybody to snatch away Grameen Bank from poor women.
Criticism from different quarters are started to pour that includes university teachers.
Opposition BNP is trying to make political gain from the confusion of the Government and declared its support to Grameen Bank and Dr. Yunus.

Dhaka Tribune in its editorial termed the move ‘fixing the wrong bank‘. The Times reported the news as ‘Nobel Bank under threat’.

In the backdrop of defeat of AL in 4 city corporations election very recently, the step against Grameen Bank will prove a political blunder in the coming elections for the Government.

An ordinary citizen

Courtesy: The cartoon is from Daily Star
An opinion: Guerrilla war over Grameen

An Interview: Professor Rehman Sobhan ( in Bangla )

The Government ministers are defending the move. Information Minister Hasanul Hoque Inu said that Grameen Bank is not personal property of anybody. The 9 elected directors of Grameen Bank rejected the recommendation of the inquiry commission and they hold a press conference to make their sentiments public. They declared that in no way they will will bow down to the unlawful pressure of the government.

In a latest move Finance Minister disclosed that Grameen Bank will come under the control of Bangladesh Bank, the state regulator. In the same breath he said that Dr. Yunus is preventing the appointment of MD in rameen Bank. Experts opined that the statement is ambiguous. Dr. Hussain Zillur Rahman, Ex Adviser of the past caretaker government said categorily said that the idea is an expression of vindictive attitude of the government toward Grameen bank.


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