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Looking into the debacle of AL in city corporations elections July 12, 2013

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AL debacle -1AL, the party in power has lost to BNP in large margin, the main opposition in all 5 elections of city corporations in last weeks. Gazipur is the last of the city corporations that include Rajshahi, Sylhet, Khunla and Barisal. The result is an unexpected debacle for the government party, that is even beyond the expectations of the most neutral observer, the experts in opposition and most pessimists in the government party. Ordinary people surprised them all.

After an initial period of awe and shock, analysis is going on on the debacle of the party in power that got the landslide victory in the general election 4 and half years back in 2008 and when the stage is thought to be set perfect for their victory.

Prothom Alo, the leading Bangla daily reports AL in great frustrations. A post -editorial of the daily expressed wonder on what the captain (party chief) will do to salvage the ship. A ex-VC of CU claimed that the present government did good works that no past government did ever, but public couldn’t realize it.
The Daily Star in its editorial draws that 5 defeats are too many. A post-editorial of the daily continues it as another debacle for AL  Al claimed that they had fulfilled their election manifesto but all may not agree with that.

The tone of the ministers are now down. The cases against Limon, the symbol of oppression by the law enforcers are withdrawn.Prime Minister after coming back from abroad issued an statement from his press office that her party will fulfill the aspirations of people correcting its faults.

But no one is sure whether these would enough for damage control. People are behaving very strangely.

An ordinary citizen


Acknowledgement: The picture is taken from Prothom Alo


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