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Conflict in Egypt and A Facebook Page July 27, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Egypt in turmoil-1General Sisi, asked people to come out on Friday in support of his government in Egypt. Council of Defense ousted Mohamed Morsi, the elected President of Egypt of last year revolution after one year in his tenure on 3 July 2013. General Sisi, one of the architect of the ouster pleaded that he intervened in the process to restore democracy and peoples mandate. He got the support of the opposition , who were demonstrating at Tahrir Square for a month before the military intervention. One of the main figures of opposition is ElBaradei, once an ex chief of UN nuclear weapon search commission and became the vice president of the new government after Morsi was arrested.

Supporters of Morsi were also on the streets specially in Naser Square one of the main street of Cairo. They gradually started to gather in other cities of the country.

It is difficult to trace the trend in Egypt from International media staying outside the country. But the reality is the protest is still continuing, the size of the mass is swelling and General Sisi is facing difficulty in handling the situation.

When the conventional Media like CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC were not all covering, a facebook page named ‘A Middle East View’ was found to be more independent.

link :  A Middle East View

An ordinary citizen


1. Adnan R. Amin - July 27, 2013

No media-outlet wants to come out and call it what it is: ouster of a democratically-elected government by the army. That’s plain fact. That Saudis aren’t too happy – is a different matter altogether. Good find – the FB page.

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