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Talk Shows are Turning into Political Schools August 6, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

Talk show shcool-1Talk shows in different TV channels in Bangladesh are becoming popular with time. The number of Talk shows is progressively increased as time creeps into the mid-night and continues beyond it. The first Talk  show is claimed to be Tritiya Matra hosted by Zillur Rhman, a young media man with innovative idea in Channel Eye, the first electronic channel in Bangladesh.  Recently Tritiya Matra observed 10th anniversary of its inauguration.  

Yesterday another popular Talk show-‘Today’ s  Newspaper’ in Channel Eye  steps into 9th year.

The subjects of talk shows also range from politics to culture. People with knowledge and experience in different fiends act as experts of the talk shows. They include politicians, academicians, business leaders, economists etc.
Talk shows are claimed to be ‘Alternate Parliament’ for Bangladesh as the Parliament in Bangladesh is virtually ineffective as the opposition MPs are not participating in the sessions without dire necessity only to continue the membership.

Talk show creates bitterness and even draws flanks from Prime Minister Sk. Hasina. Once she labeled the talk show experts as ‘midnight thieves’.

But Talk Shows are turning into political schools; they discuss current affairs, important national events, economic developments, law and order situations and what not. The discussions are educating the people and awakening the people for good governance.

The ordinary citizen is an ardent listener to the talk shows.


An ordinary citizen



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