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Dhaka Billboard : Speaking Itself August 7, 2013

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রাজধানীর প্রায় সব প্রধান সড়কের সামনে ‘উন্নয়নের অঙ্গীকার ধারাবাহিকতার দরকার’ ও আওয়ামী লীগের বিগত সময়ের সাফল্যে চিত্র তুলে ধরে বিশাল বিশাল ডিজিটাল ব্যানার টাঙানো হয়েছে। ছবিটি জিপিওর সামনে থেকে তোলা। ছবি: মনিরুল আলম

Acknowledgment: The pictures are taken from Daily Star and Prothom Alo

An ordinary citizen

Link: the news
Daily Star
Prothom Alo (Bangla)

Follow up :

The overnight hijacking of the billboards was criticized from different angle by the experts and the people. ‘
From the legal point- it is said to be illegal
From the ethical point it is said to be unethical
From the point of authorization- it is unauthorized
From the aesthetic sense unaesthetic
From the economic point- contrary to others interests
From the political point: will be boomerang for the government(ABM Msa, Eminent Journalist)

Nobody was initially taking responsibility for the billboards, neither the government nor the party. Ministers are of different opinion.

The billboards were suddenly pulled down in the dead of the night. The Minister of Forest and Environment Hasan Mahmud said that the billboards will be demonstrated in different parts of the country beyond capital.


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