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Felani Murder & Indo-Bangla Border Issues August 23, 2013

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Felani on the wire -1 Felani, a child was killed by BSF when she was passing through the barbed wire along the border in the Kuchbihar state. Felani’s body, hanged on the barbed wire depicted the attitude of Indian Border Guards toward Bangladeshi people. The news stirred the nation and now after 2 and half years of the incident, India has taken the issue to the court to make a judicial justice.

But Felani is not the only killing in the border. Incidence of murder are random along the border over the last few years. Though both the governments expressed their sincerity to stop the killing but the intention couldn’t be put into practice.

Very recently, the Indian Parliament failed to pass an amendment bill on the Land Boundary Agreement. Tista and Tipaimukh also remain unsettled issues.

India is taken benefit from one-sided transit facilities provided by the Government.

The India- Bangladesh border issues will have political impact in the next general election in Bangladesh and Fenani hanged on the wire will remain a symbol of agony for Bangladeshi people.

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Follow up:

Fellani murderer is acquitted of charge. India is adding feather to the defeat of AL in the next general election.


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