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Government bends to allow BNP to hold rally at Dhaka October 25, 2013

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BNP rally on 25 october-1Home Ministry bends to allow BNP to hold rally at Sharawardy Uddan on 25 October 2013. Earlier ban was imposed on any political meetings and processions by Dhaka Metropolitan Police. BNP was denied permission to hold any meeting at any place.BNP, the largest opposition party expressed their determination to hold meeting on 25 October. Considering the situation and to avoid clashes DMP permits meeting just yesterday evening at Sharawardy Uddyan on 13 preconditions. BNP initially hesitant to hold the meeting at Sharawardy Uddyan, probably for security reasons and insisting on holding the meeting in front of their office at Naya Paltan. But later Khaleda herself visited the venue and BNP agreed on the proposal.

Thousands of people from all walks of life gather in the meeting, leaders deliver their speeches and Khaleda unfolds her next plan of action for caretaker government. No untoward incident happen with the law enforcing agency in and around the meeting.

An ordinary citizen

Link : Khaleda’s speech


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