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Question of Legality of The Government October 27, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Khaleda Zia has labelled the present government illegal first from 25th October and then she corrected it and set it from 27th November 2013. She urges the Administration specially Police and RAB not to follow order of the Government from this day and not to kill and torture the opposition activists.

The actual term of the Government is to be ended on 24th January 2014 and 90 days from the end is set aside for the Election Commission to hold the charge of the situation and to declare schedule and organize the general election. During this period the parliament is supposed to be dissolved and the Government is to go to the backyard.

But the present Government yet not dissolve the parliament and is continuing the parliamentary session, initially declare to continue upto 24th January, 2014 but later set it at 7th November 2013. Prime Minister also remains in her position and the revised constitution gave her the authority to remain so till the end of the term.

The constitution also is also put into question for in the way it was corrected and the corrections that were made in it.

An ordinary citizen

Mizanur Rahman Khan in Prothom Alo


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