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Taranco Failed ? December 11, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Taranco in press conference

Taranco in press conference

Before leaving Bangladesh after staying one extra day beyond his scheduled 4 days, Oscar Fernández-Taranco, UN Assistant Secretary-General in his press conference hope that the government and opposition leaders would continue their dialogue to a consensus. But he didn’t cite any concrete improvement in the dialogue.

The cancellation of the meeting of Taranco with the Prime Minister indicates that the dialogue between opposing camps would bring no hope.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had to telephone Prime Minister Hasina.

The failure reflects the inconceivable rigidness of one or both parties for a peaceful solution of this political crisis.

An ordinary citizen


1. Adnan R. Amin - December 12, 2013

I thought O.F. Taranko did a fair job: he got rivals to sit at the same table. That’s better than what we managed. He took the horse to the water. What else were we expecting? Sanctions? An unholy alliance? There’s no reason why his (or the UN’s) stance on the Death Penalty should affect us or our opinion of him. At the end of the day, no one cares about his views on capital punishment.

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