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An Election of Farce and Fun December 18, 2013

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154 candidates of out of 300 seats in Bangladesh Parliament have  already been elected before a single vote was cast. The election will be held on 5th January 2014 as scheduled by the Election Commission, the result is unprecedented in the history of elections in Bangladesh and in the world.Major opposition party BNP and most other political parties threat to boycott the election if the election is not held under a neutral (caretaker) government. Earlier the present government amended the constitution and empowered the Prime Minister to remain as head of the state during the election period with the cabinet existing and parliament running.
Among 154, 127 candidates are from the ruling Awami League (AL), 20 are from the Jatiya Party (Rowshan), three from the Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD), two from the Workers’ Party, and two from Jatiya Party (JP-Monju). All the parties are components of AL led 14- party alliance. Minor parties except JP were allotted ‘boat’, the election symbol of AL. JP President HM Ershad is also under arrest as he changed his stand and decided not to compete the election at the fag end. He asked his candidates to withdraw their nomination papers but not all their applications were accepted by the returning officers. JP protests his arrest and filed legal challenge to the High Court.
To Barrister Rafiqul Hoque, an eminent jurist the  election turns farce, to Rashida K Chy, an Adviser of the last Caretaker Government it becomes fun and to Hussain Zillur Rahman, an economist and an Adviser of ex-Caretaker Government it becomes a sort of sharing tenders.
Prime Minister has also her own explanation regarding this as of other things. She said that the seats have been settled in consultation with other participating parties.
But the people are feeling deprived and frustrated.

An ordinary citizen

Prothom alo:Words of Silent Majority-Hussain Zillur Rahman
Daily Star: PM’s Gift: A Voterless Election-Mahfuz Anam
Economist: Government Party to win, Bangladesh to lose


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