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Rising Terrorism December 21, 2013

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Is Bangladesh inching forward towards a terrorist state?
Bangladesh is passing through a election process, but is not participated by all political parties. 155 candidates are already became winner without cast of a single vote. In the remaining 145 seats, few candidates will able to go their area and campaign in the election, there will be little or no competitive election in the absence of major opposition party candidate.People’s participation in the election on 5th January will reduced to 10-15% of the total voters.

Opposition is in relentless effort to disrupt the normalcy since the election schedule is declared on 25th November 2013. They have imposed hartals and barricade throughout the country and is continuing the same program till the day of election. The human life is virtually come to a standstill. The capital remains disconnected with districts and district towns from their villages for days.The business is hard-hit and the business leaders brought out processions out of frustration. The supply of essential are cut off and prices of essentials become sky high.

Government is deploying law enforcing forces in greater number in the streets of the capital and to the districts to quell the agitating opposition activists. Joint forces are formed with police, Rab (Rapid Action Battalion) and BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh). They have started combing operation in areas dominated by opposition activists. Houses are bulldozed, people are arrested and activists are killed by bullets. In some ares, army is also placed to maintain law and order situation.

The opposition activists in reaction may adopt more aggressive means to counter the brutality of joint forces and may turn the country into a militant state.

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