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Khaleda’s Call for ‘March for Democracy’ and After December 25, 2013

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march for democracy-2Opposition leader Khaleda Zia calls for ‘March for Democracy’ on 29 December 2013 that may shape the future course of events in Bangladesh. [Full speech]

An ordinary citizen

Follow up:

Inu terms the ‘March for Democracy’ as March for Destruction.
AL calls to resist ‘March for Democracy’.
Khaleda is cordoned off from her party men and in virtual arrest in her party office at Gulshan.
Khaleda recalls to join ‘March for Democracy’, no matter what.
Jatiya Party (Kazi Zafar), will join the March for Democracy.
Opposition activists start for Dhaka for Dec 29 program.
CEC says March for Democracy is not a matter of Election Commission in reply to the request put to him by AL.
BNP seeks cooperation of police for MfD. Police denies permission to hold any rally.
BNP blames Govt out to foil March for Democracy.
March for Democracy fails to take off.
Khaleda expresses to continue March for Democracy.
AL men’s mayhem at Supreme Court surprized all.
AL men assault DU teachers

15 jurnos injured in AL attack in Press club
Acknowledgment for photo: Daily Prothom Alo


1. H A H M A Jabbar - December 26, 2013

It is a great step for the people in Bangladesh because AL has no respect for democracy.

2. Abdul Kader - December 28, 2013

বাসাজুড়ে ভাঙা আসবাবের টুকরা। পরিধেয় কাপড়, বইপত্র, ফ্রিজ, কম্পিউটার, আলমারি, ঘড়িসহ নিত্যব্যবহার্য সামগ্রী ও খাদ্যদ্রব্য—সবকিছু তছনছ, ওলট-পালট। ছড়ানো-ছিটানো কাচের কাপ-প্লেটের অসংখ্য টুকরা। চুরমার বাথরুমের কমোডও।
………..এটি কোনো গল্প বা উপন্যাস না……….
News from প্রথম আলো
মিরপুরে অভিযানের নামে পুলিশের বাড়াবাড়ি

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