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January 5 -the Day of Election January 5, 2014

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A voting center-from Prothom Alo

A voting center-from Prothom Alo

PM urges all to thwart all the conspiracies against election.
Opposition Leader urges all to boycott farcical election of January 5.
Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam reaffirms his appeal not to hold election on January 5.
On the day, Main opposition leader Khaleda is under house arrest, the next opposition party leader SM Ershad is forcibly kept in Military Hospital, Jammat-e-Islami is barred from election, no party except components of pro-govt alliance is participating in the election, 153 candidates out of 300 seats already won uncontested, in remaining 147 seats hardly 300 candidates are contesting.
5 crore voters will not need to vote that include Prime Minister, President and Chief Election Commissioner. Remaining 4 crore will vote today but turnout will be less than 10% amid non-participation and violence.
Only 2 observers from India and 2 observers from Bhutan came to Bangladesh to observe the election.UN,EU,USA and most other countries have no representation in the observation. Local observers are also very few in number.

I myself couldn’t gather my courage to go to the voting center and cast my vote.

Economist termed it as an electoral farce.

An ordinary citizen


Shahdin Malik,an eminent lawyer on election: ‘ভোট নেই, গণতন্ত্র আছে’ in Prothom Alo

Follow up
India decides to back Sk. Hasina
Indian Media questions election

waiting for a voter

waiting for a voter

Update: 2 PM
CEC said the voter turnout is thin but hope that the voter number will be increased by the evening.
Daily Star: Voter turnout is thin by 1 PM.
7 killed in poll violence
Polls postpone in 139 centers
Long wait for a voter


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