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Watching Talk Shows January 31, 2014

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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talk shows -1Talk shows on TV channels are quite popular in Bangladesh.People  from all walks of life enjoy  it and follow it beyond midnight.

But talk shows are now losing its ground. One of the reasons may be people are not seeing more popular analysts in the shows . Move over they are encountering the same faces on the screens and these speakers are talking the same package of thinking, in most of the time without any even minor cuts. So, talk shows are  becoming praise rather than analysis and becoming monotonous.
Few months back , government officials were rather displeased on the most of the talk show speakers for their criticism of the government. But now they will be pleased to see that most of  the speakers are now favor the government.  It indicates that government could have a better grip on the talk show now a days and make it more supportive to the government policies.

But people lost the opportunity to see lively debate on different political issues from the learned speakers.

People still see the talk shows. But they only see in fragments and  switching from one channel to another. Digital technology equipped him to choose his program of choice and to silence his speaker of distaste and turn him into a funny character. The gestures doesn’t irritate him and he can wait for the turn for his speaker to talk.

It is  difficult to win the hearts of people by tactics only.

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