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Bangladesh Parliament and Impeachment of Judges September 18, 2014

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AL lawmakers over the last weeks were speaking for empowering the Parliament in place of Supreme Judicial Council. mainly consists of past judges to impeach the judges of the supreme court.
The promotion came almost suddenly and without any visible cause as said by Dr. Shahdin Malik, a prominent lawyer. Many take it as a measure from the government to increase its grip on the judiciary.
Government has projected it as a step to go back to 1972 constitution and to make the judges more accountable to the people.[1]

Opposition is against the move and also denies to accept the parliament as legitimate as the last election was faulty and not participatory.
The lawyers also protested the idea and opined that it will destroy the judiciary. They formed a common platform under the leadership of Dr. Kamal Hussain, the leading jurist and an author of the 1972 constitution.[1][2]

Parliament has empowered itself through vote on the impeachment today.[1][2]

Many of the members of parliament are accused of corruption, loan default and even killing as reported by Sujon, a citizens’ monitoring group.

The amendment will cause a qualitative change in judiciary in Bangladesh in coming days..

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