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Democracy of January 5 January 5, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

Khaleda Zia-2One year is passing since the last General Election on January 5 was held which was boycotted by BNP and other major political parties. In commemoration of the day, BNP declared the day ‘democracy killing day’ and Government declared it ‘Democracy victory day. To observe the day BNP seek permission to hold a public gathering in the capital which they were denied.The Government also declared large public meeting and small gatherings at 16 more places of the city. In the meantime, BNP party office at Naya Pantan is also locked and BNP spokes person Rizvi Ahmed has been taken off from the office. When BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia went to her Gulshan office last evening,she is confined in her office since then.Party leaders and workers are prohibited from entering the office in general.Police are arresting opposition leaders in different parts of the country.Police imposed Rule 144 in the capital.[1][2] Khaleda asks her partymen to defy ban.[1] Transport services from outside to the capital are virtually closed down in fear of precipitating violence in the capital.

Political analysts are worried about the consequences of the present situation in the country.[1][2]

An ordinary citizen


1. Alap speaking - January 9, 2015

There is no democracy in Bangladesh.The govt. think “they are always right”.They don’t give any opportunity to Opposition parties.

2. liton hasan - January 19, 2015

Excellent! Thank you so much for sharing and being so honest.

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