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Bullets and Blockade January 23, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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Bullets-1The Social Welfare Minister Syed Mohsin Ali  has said that the opposition activists will be shoot at sight if they go on doing arson and sabotage. He disclosed that Government has taken a decision like this.[1] He is not alone,; the same threat was expressed by other ministers, BGB Chief and Rab Boss.[1] BNP and Human Right Activists expressed their concern over the statements.[1]

Blockade-1Opposition blockade program is being continued for over 2 weeks  throughout the country with disruption of transport system, partial halt to the business and investment and increasing misery of people.

We have heard of battle between bullets and ballot. In Bangladesh it transforms into battle between Bullets and blockage.

An ordinary citizen


1. maher ali khan - February 12, 2015

The country’s politics is not broken at all. The BNP-Jamaat-e-Islami alliance of terrorists are waging arson attacks killing and maiming civilians. The BNP leader and her surviving son are fundamentalists who are trying to destabilize Bangladesh to resurrect fascist Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh. The BNP is using hired goons and terrorists from the heinous Jamaat-e-Islami a war criminals led terrorist party that opposed Bangladesh’s creation. Khaleda Zia’s husband Zia with international backing reinstated many of the war criminals to pollute the politics here. But recently especially after the 2007 army led 2 year rule the fundamentalists have been losing ground. The current Bangladesh government also enjoys full cooperation from India and China in uprooting radical perverted Islam from Bangladesh.
The roads of Dhaka over the last two weeks have become so clogged with traffic that its clear that Khaleda Zia’s strike, agitation and blockade program to fish in troubled waters have totally failed. The general masses are furiously angry at her directives to her terrorist party cadres and killer operatives within the Jamaat-e-Islami to hurl crudely made petrol bombs at buses and trucks loaded with innocent passengers.

2. Marium Hossain - February 13, 2015

The last BNP government was so corrupt that many of its former ministers and leaders are not risking their lives to come out on to the streets themselves. Their greed for the ill-gotten wealth has prevented them from confronting the law enforcing agencies head on. Instead they are using immoral youth and depraved party workers to murder common people. BNP’s uneducated despotic leader Khaleda and her criminal son now residing in London are openly inciting civil disobedience through violent means to bring forth elections which is due in 2018.
The last BNP and radical Islamist Jamaat alliance was so cruel that that it attempted to assassinate the current PM and its leaders. It also was behind shipment of trucks loads of weapons to terrorists in neighboring countries. It also was openly promoting violent Islam by organising cadres all across the country who even tried to wage violent grenade attacks at over 60 districts simultaneously.

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