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Dialogue or No Dialogue February 20, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

Dialogue-1On the background of deadly political conflicts[1][2], when the Opposition is in relentless blockade and sporadic hartals and Government forces are relying on state powers and engaging law enforcers to shoot the law breakers on sight, eminent citizens of the country took an initiative for a dialogue[1][2][3][4] between the opposing forces. They formed a committee with ex-CEC as head and mostly some ex-advisers of the past caretaker governments as the members of the committee[1]. They have sent a letter to PM and BNP Chairperson and asked them to initiate a dialogue and they also declared of preparing a democracy charter to be signed and  followed by all political parties.
After a day of silence, the Government Ministers started to reject the offer[1] and label the initiative as a conspiracy of 1/11 masterminds, an attempt to embarrass the government, a dialogue impossible with the killer opposition who are burning people alive[1][2].But BNP, the main opposition, welcome the dialogue. They expressed their willingness to participate in an election under a non-partisan government.[1][2][3]
Ban ki-Moon UN Chief also in a letter asked both the Prime Minister and Khaleda Zia to sit in a dialogue to solve the current political crisis.[1][2][3] The Government Ministers termed the letter of the UN Chief as a common reaction.[1][2][3]
A EU representative team recently met PM and Khaleda, expressed their concern over the situation and asked for stopping the violence and sit for a solution.
US also urged for dialogue.[1]
But a positive response from the Government is still waiting.[1][2]
People is looking for a peaceful solution of the conflict.[1][2][3][4][3][5]

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