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One-sided show March 6, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

one-sided-1AL is singularly active in organizing processions , holding large gatherings,  street meetings, human chain almost daily  in the capital over the last 2 months. BNP is totally out of the scene. They were denied to hold public meeting on the 5th January, from then they are not seen on the streets. The other components of 20 party  also didn’t get any opportunity to show their presence. Lately Nagarik Okkya hold one or two sit-in program in the capital, not with any massive presence. Bir Bikkram Kader Siddiqui is on sit-in program for more than a month. His program was disrupted, dias was dismantled, supporters were prohibited, some were arrested also.

With the increasing presence of a single party in the political field in expense of other’s right, democracy is rapidly loosing its existence.

An ordinary citizen




1. Shafiq Hossain - March 26, 2015

Thanks a lot for describing the real situation of Bangladesh. It is really a fact that the ongoing country wise blockade arson is destroying the crore economy in the country. Ordinary people of this country are being affected more day by day. You are very much appreciated for the issues raised in your article.
Thanks once again.

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