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City Corporations Election and BNP March 28, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

City-1Government has declared elections at Dhaka and Chittagong cities. 29th March 2015 is the last day of submission of nomination papers for the candidates.

The declaration was made out of the blue.Demand for election in the capital was long been ignored and Government had split the Dhaka city into two parts and imposed 2 administrators years back. The sudden turn of the situation is thought to divert the attention of the public and parties from the opposition movement.

The aspirants started declaring their names. From  AL platform there are Anisul Hoque, Khokan-son of ex-Mayor Hanif, Hazi Selim. From the non-AL, non-BNP candidates Mahmudur Rahman Mann (in Jail) and Mahi B. Chowdhuury declared their candidacy. BNP officially yet not cleared its stand. But pro-BNP politicians are ready to contest if party takes  decision in favor of election.

Many questions the integrity of the election under such a government who manipulated January 5 General Election.

Still we, ordinary citizens, feel that participating in the city corporation election is the best option for BNP at present. It will bring BNP to normal politics, give the opportunity to organize meetings and processions and to bring people to its contact.

If the election is fair, there is chance of BNP winning the elections if their candidates are competent enough and if the election is not fair then  also people will be on their side.

An ordinary citizen


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