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Pahela Baisakh, Scandal, Society & State April 27, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

molestation -2Pahela Baishak-the 1st day of Bangali New year is a day of festival in the life of Bangalees. But the incident that took place on the day in the TSC area of Dhaka University is beyond imagination. Dozens of girls were molested by organised groups of youths in the stream of crowds.[1][2][3][4][5] The sadness is deepened as the police didn’t take active role to prevent the incident though the site was under strong surveillance of CCTV. Police forces were called but they refused to act. Some bold young men handed at least 5 culprits to the nearby police station, but they were released.The proctor of the university was informed but he remain inactive. The VC of the university is avoiding his responsibility by blaming the outsiders for the incident.[1]

The ministers who usually speak on every issue remain lip tied, even the PM also didn’t make any comment or give any directive.

So far none was arrested and the culprits could avoid the law.

The progressive organizations and independent individuals are protesting the incident and are urging the authorities to take action. [1][2][][][]

The incident reflects the social decay that we are in, the in-sensitivity of our authorities and the inaction of our state.

One can’t imagine what will happen next.

An ordinary citizen

Follow up:

Lubna Jebin, the teacher of JU who was assaulted in the campus, disclosed her reaction in the facebook status. [1]


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