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An election where all parties are defeated April 28, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

ote rigging -1Election in 3 city corporations is over long before it was time to be closed. The election was not held as was expected. The booths were taken over by force by party cadres and then they cast their votes in bundles to their candidates of choice.
I could give my vote in the morning but immediately after at 11-55 am party activists forced into the center and took the casting under their custody. Outside the center, I heard that BNP candidates had withdrawn their candidacy from the race.
Coming back to home, on TV I heard Barrister Moudud on behalf of BNP with Mayor candidates Tabith and Abbas wife on his sides declaring BNPs withdrawal on charge of massive vote rigging.

AL as usual denied any vote anomaly. Prime Minister also expressed her satisfaction over the election process. CEC has seen no irregularities in the election.

At the end, votes were counted and arrangement was made to declare the result from the election office.

Though the pro-government candidates are leading in the counts, but people has little interest in the result.

Many people opined that Government could arrange a fair and neutral election and that could bring more credit to them if even they couldn’t win all the seats.

The election brings defeat to all the participating parties.

An ordinary citizen


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