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Abandoned Migrants June 3, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

migrants-1Thousands of Rohingyas and Bangladeshi people are floating on the seas. Many died in the jungles of Thailand. Many died on the sea. Many of them pushed away to the sea when tried to land ashore.
migrants-2These people are trying to migrate to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia from Myanmar and Bangladesh in a hope for better future but they actually trapped in a deadly cycle of kidnapping, ransom and death. A notorious gang of officials, politicians and criminals from multiple countries or a nexus to carryout this notorious act.
We are informed of the situation only when media discloses the horrifying stories in the jungle of Thailand, in the shore of Bangladesh and the plight of these people on the sea.
migrants-3In Bangladesh, no one is taking the responsibility. Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment and Ministry of Foreign Affairs are pointing to the Ministry of Home Affairs for any action and explanation of the situation. Government has not yet come out with any specific directive on the situation.Law enforcers are killing the arrested suspects on crossfire bypassing the law. The measure is criticized by many as this will remove the grass root link to the gang and save the kingpins.

migrants-4Rohingyas are migrating as they are not recognized, facing ethnic cleansing and suffering rape and killing on their own land where the government doesn’t like to recognize as citizens. Bangladeshi people are trapped to migrate out of unemployment, effect of climate change and decreased legal opportunity of jobs in the Middle East and other countries.

The plight of migrants also brings back the memory of pushing back of the Rohingyas few years back when they attempted to get shelter in Bangladesh despite repeated call from UN and other countries.

International communities this time asking different countries to respond to the crisis. But so far the reaction is not adequate.

Bangladesh should make a total inquiry of the situation and bring the criminals to justice and create more opportunity of jobs at home and abroad. International community also compel Myanmar to recognize Rohingyas as their own citizen.

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