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Facebook is closed in Bangladesh November 27, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

Facebook is closed for more than 7 days in Bangladesh.Other applications such as Viber,Whats up, messenger and few more were also banned along with facebook. The FB is closed on the pretext of terrorist attacks before the execution of 2 War Crime convicts.[1]
The execution is over but the authority is no mood to open the FB. They may continue it on security reasons for indefinite period. Bloggers, foreigners, priest ,ethnic minorities have been attacked and killed in recent times by unknown assailants. Prominent intellectuals were also threatened through mobile messages. It is not well understood whether the facebook has played any role in these incidents.[1]

15 millions Bangladeshi use facebook, most of whom are young and students. Now many of them are using FB by bypassing the ban through proxy servers. As the days are passing by, the proxy users are increasing in numbers.[1] Satirical writings are also communing up on FB in the mainstream media.

The ban not only affected common users, but it also affected businesses based on FB, social services such blood donors, educational pages etc.

State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Tarana Halim, who was appointed just 1 and half months back, defended herself in a lengthy article published in newspapers claiming that the measure has saves many lives in Bangladesh. She also claims that technology will be countered by technology though FB lovers are not yet seeing any sign of that.

The ban has put the government at odds with the Facebook Generation in Bangladesh.

An ordinary citizen

Follow up:


3 Ministries of Government of Bangladesh sat with Facebook representatives  coming to Dhaka.Ministries are Home,Post & Telecommmunication & Information and Communication Technology. They had detailed discussion.[1] Government wanted to have a Facebook administrator in Bangladesh and to filter the contents before they are floated in the facebook.[1] Facebook representatives didn’t give their decision immediately and told that they will send the reply later on.

Days for waiting lingering. [1]No reply came. But ban on facebook lifted ater 22 days. The lift coincided with the coming of Government ICT Adviser Shajib Wajed Joy to Bangladesh. Tarana declared that Facebook will never be closed except in emergency.

Then we see no Government agency was taking the responsibility of banning Facebook.

Ban is reimposed on Twitter, Skype and Imo.[1]


1. Auto Station Limited - December 2, 2015

This is not acceptable. We are getting loss in Online business. We cannot promote our business and we are failing selling products. This is very bad situation for us. I hope everything will be ok in a few days.

Auto Station Limited

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