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Killings at Holey Artisan Bakery, Gulshan, Dhaka July 6, 2016

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

On the night of 1st July  when I switched the knob to Somoy TV past 10 pm, I came across the live telecast of the seize of Holey Artisan Bakery at Gulshan by some gunmen. Breath-holding we were following the events. RAB, Police and people were gathered outside the area. Injured police and civil dressed person came out from dark to the scene and they were taken away for treatment. Then heard 2 officers have been killed by the miscreants and 30 police were admitted in United Hospital. Past 11 pm , Mr. Benajir Ahmed, Chief of RAB came to the spot and asked the reporters to stop their live telecast as it would benefit the miscreants and made the work difficult for law enforcers.

From then on, TV channels were only telecasting the update news on the event. I was listening to a lengthy analysis in 71 TV by a Top Security Analyst after 12 am. But he was fearing that the discussion might be heard by the miscreants also and might use it to set their strategy.Later we were informed that all the telephone and TV lines were cut off by the police by that time. The channel then telecast an interview with an Indian Citizen whose daughter was inside the cafe. He was asking why the law enforcers not then start negotiation with the hostage takers.

At 4 pm, there were no new updates. More people thronged the place, more law enforcers in the surrounding. People were pushed away beyond a barricade line.

Past 7-30 am, army made the raid and killed the miscreants-  6-7 in number (later the no is adjusted to 5). By this time, the miscreants have killed 20 hostages, 9 of them Italians, 7 from Japan and 3 from Bangladesh. Army rescued 11 hostages, 3 of whom are foreigners.

On my first thought , I was on the impression that the miscreants would be from Madrasha  (religious educational institutions) and astonished to find that most of them are from English Medium School/College or University and from well off families.

It is highly disturbing why these boys from affluent families took up this path of destruction for themselves and for others. Probably this conviction came out of psychological conflicts these children were suffering in their home and in society, more at home. In Bangladesh, affluence come more in illegal ways that may distort the psyche of these children and prompted them to take  up a short-cut way to correct the society and to pay off the debts of their parents.

An ordinary citizen

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