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Murder of the wife of a police officer September 14, 2016

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

This is something unusual in Bangladesh- to kill the wife to take revenge on a police officer. But this happened on morning June 5 2016  at Chittagong when the mother of 2 children was shot dead from close range when she was  walking towards the school bus to lift her elder son. The husband, promoted to SP few days  earlier, away to Dhaka to join his new assignment.


The event made Babu Akhter known to every citizen for the tragedy  and the pain deepens for the professional excellence and recognition that he had achieved by this time. People got the impression that his wife was murdered because of  his action against the militants and the terrorists over the last few years. Coming  back from Dhaka he himself lodged the case against the unknown killers and bowed to take the revenge. Police arrested few suspects,  2 of whom were also killed in the crossfire. sp-2

He returned back to Dhaka with his 2 children and started to stay in his father-in-laws house. Bereaved and shocked he didn’t join his office. A few days later he was taken to the Police Headquarter at midnight, he was quizzed for 15 hours his alleged involvement in the killing of his wife. He was released after the interrogation. Later we are informed from Police authority that he was given the option to resign from his job or to face jail. He preferred to resign. But he himself said nothing to the media. His father-in-law, who was also a police officer, denied any involvement of him in the murder. People raised question why on earth a man would kill his wife hiring miscreants and if he did the murder why it is not be proved by proper evidence and be punished by the judiciary. sp-3

Weeks later he went to the Police Office and put an application expressing his willingness to join his service withdrawing his earlier resignation. His application was forwarded to the higher authority. But before his joining was considered , his earlier letter of resignation was accepted by the President of the Republic and notified in the gazette. The whole process has made in a very short span of time  which is totally unprecedented in Bangladesh context. In the debate, Prime Minister has taken no side. But people had expected that his case would be considered fairly.

The termination was a double blow for the man.

And there is no progress in the murder case.


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