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1. Md.Selim Reza - February 20, 2009

21-02-2009 a. Tommorow is our International Mother Language Day(IMLD) . So we are very happy that we get a great gift. We want to introduse our nation to all world by our merits, labor and our satota.
Samonay amader din golo gano uzzal hoy sai kaj amra sakolay kartay chai amader sakolar unnotir janno abong amader desh ar mongol ar joono.

2. MD.EMRAN MRIDHA (PAINKILLER) - October 8, 2009

class 10 business study (commerce)
name emran mridha painkiller
sharoj school ,mirpur 10,dhaka 1216


I like to say u respectfully that I am a weak student in English in both the papers. so i request u for suggestion in ssc exam

Thank u sir

bdoza - October 8, 2009


It is good that you could understand your weakness. Dont’ be afraid of English. It is a very beautiful and powerful language. All you need is to give some time for the subject. Go through your books as diligently as possible, give some time for English everyday. In your spare time read English newspapers, listen to English news. Maintain a personal diary or daily personal notes in English -try to write 2-10 sentences in it daily. Write in English while communicating with your friends in messages or in the facebook. Occassionally use English words or sentences while talking with your friends.

Learning language has four components: reading, writng, listening and speaking. One need to master all these components gradually.

Wish you good luck

3. AMIN - August 11, 2011


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